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Amazing Job For Amazing Android Developer! (542 views)

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
september 14, 2017

Ervaring: 1 Year or more

Opleiding: Bachelor or higher

Specialisatie: Android, Android SDK, Java, App, Singleton, Factory, Git, REST apis, Agile, Jenkins, Jira, BigQuery, NoSQL

Looking for two more top notch Android developers to join our already legendary team to create a still top secret, still under the radar, already highly disruptive AND FUNDED Android and Web application for several large emerging markets. Office at Amsterdam and Sao Paulo, Braziiiiiil.

So we know, since you’re that talented and all, you probably already have a great job with fantastic pay & fringe benefits (or do you?). That’s why we pinky-promise that we’ll blow you away with this opportunity. So keep on reading, and who knows, maybe you’ll be looking at a brand-new, improved future very soon!

We’ve created three different profiles for the developer we want. The first one is for someone who isn’t a perfect match, but can become one, and the other one is everything we’d absolutely love to see in our future co-worker. The third one is a bit of an unrealistic dream. A bit like Tinder, you know, sometimes you just accept a date with someone you’re not absolutely convinced by, but you never know right? However, everybody keeps swiping left until they find that exact person they want to go on a date with. And you know what? Sometimes those dates you’re unsure about turn out to be the best! So see if you’d swipe right on us, and if you’re interested, send us your application & resume and hopefully we’ll swipe right on you too!

Our Profile

So, as you’ve already read, our offices are in Amsterdam and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Have you ever been to Sao Paulo? It’s a very special city. It’s vibrating and crazy, big and full of delicious food. And caipirinhas. If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, that’s a pretty cool city as well. We’re also crazy, but it’s (compared to Sao Paulo) a small city, where everybody rides bikes and loves cheese. Have you ever tasted the glorious taste of a ‘kroket’ from a snackbar after drinking a few Heineken too many? Either way, both cities are awesome and that’s why we chose to have our offices there.

If you work with us, you’ll work on our top secret cool-as-fuck Mobile & Web Application. So sorry, no, you cannot brag on Reddit about the cool groundbreaking shit you get to do on a daily basis. But when we’ve gone online, go ahead and preach it baby!

Our team is like a small family that has a blast working together. We don’t have a 9 to 5 mentality, and it’s not just about coding. We do creative brainstorms, fun outings together, play practical jokes on each other and break all the rules when it comes to technology.

So- enough about us. Let’s talk about you!

The ‘could be’ perfect profile

  • 4+ years experience programming with Android
  • Experienced with Git
  • Familiar with design patterns; Singleton, Factory
  • Familiar with REST apis
  • You <3 working Agile, and are experienced with it too

The perfect profile

  • All of the above and all of the following
  • Professional working experience with Jira
  • You have released at least one app in the Playstore
  • Experience with Jenkins or other CI tools, from start to finish
  • Hands-on experience with BigQuery or other NoSQL databases
  • Android Libs: Google Play, Retrofit, Android Support Design, Butterknife, Crashlytics

 The beyond perfect profile

  • All of the above, and:
  • Experience with iOS, .NET, C#, or AzurePortal
  • A fun personality
  • Good communicative skills & a problem solver
Swipe right, right now by applying asap! Who knows, and you might just land the coolest job. Ever.


Neem direct contact op met Erik Bell:

Tel: 06 40 50 40 50

E-mail: erik.bell@workingclassheroes.nl

Of solliciteer via de site.

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